About Enlaiven Accounting

Enlaiven: Professional Accounting Services To Help You Grow

We believe the success of any business depends on the core values that they carry and what they are trying to achieve keeping their value system in the centre. Success needs uninterrupted focus on goals and vision of the business without compromising their value system...


Often, small and mid-sized business enterprises end up spending too much time and energy behind maintaining their books of accounts. Not only that, having accurate books of accounts that show correct picture of the business is another big challenge. At the same time, they lack a team of professional accountants who can achieve this for them. This often pushes business owners to spend too much time behind keeping records of the transactions of the business, rather than focusing on scaling up their business.

Incorporated in June 2021, Enlaiven is a group of professional accountants providing bookkeeping, accounting and financial advisory services to small and mid-sized business enterprises, restaurant owners and to the CPA firms based in the USA. We help our clients in making informed business decisions by providing them with accurate financial data on time and thereby helping them to scale up their business.

Enlaiven Accounting commenced its operations in June 2021, catering to a diverse clientele in the United States across various industries, including restaurants, manufacturing, retail, and IT solutions. Additionally, Enlaiven provides comprehensive back-office support to CPAs and business valuation firms in the U.S. With three successful years under our belt, we have expanded our horizons to the Australian market, recognising the heightened demand for skilled workforce post-pandemic.

In Australia, our headquarters is situated in Sydney, where Arpit Kalariya, a dedicated director of the company, oversees operations and client relationships. Meanwhile, Jaydeep Vaghela and Sahil Shah, both highly qualified directors with over a decade of experience, manage client deliverables. Our leadership team is committed to excellence, bringing extensive expertise to serve our clients both onshore and offshore. Learn more about the vision and experience of our directors below


Enlaiven’s Vision

Our vision is to help our clients to focus on their businesses, allowing them to scale up. By providing a wide range of services, we give you the freedom to nurture your values, focus on your goals, and plan a vision for the future of your business.


Enlaiven’s Mission

To provide tailored, end-to-end accounting, bookkeeping, and compliance services. We aim to provide accurate financial data that helps you to make informed business decisions, thereby helping you to achieve your business goals.

Our Values

Collective Growth

We believe in collective growth of every stakeholder of Enlaiven, may it be our clients, our employees, or the partners. We strongly believe, success carries values and is long lasting only when it is achieved together and when benefits are shared with everyone.


Work Ethics

Enlaiven came into existence keeping work ethics in centre. While providing services to our clients, we make sure we achieve our goals without compromising with our work ethics. Our clients should not feel at any point in time that they are not getting services worth what they have been paying for.


Integrity is one of the core value system of Enlaiven and we insist on it a lot before anyone becomes part of Enlaiven family. When we hire anyone at Enlaiven, we may compromise on technical skills because that is something which can be taken care of by training. However, we do not compromise on Integrity as that is something which is accumulated over a period in any Individual backed by strong upbringing.

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