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We have different pricing options to suit your requirements.

We offer three different engagement models viz, Fixed fees, Hourly Fees and FTE. You can choose the one which suits your project requirements and which you feel would be the most cost effective for you. Have a look at the below table for more details.

  Fixed Fees Hourly Fees FTE
How it works?

Fixed monthly fees is charged at the beginning of each month. Fixed fees is agreed upon based on number of factors like size of the business, number of transactions, reporting requirements etc.

We keep track of hours spent while working on your project and the same is billed at the end of each month.

We provide you full time employee which is fully dedicated to your project and we charge you per employee at the beginning of each month.

When it works best?

This model works best when you have monthly recurring tasks and set processes.

This model works best in case of one off projects and in case of recurring projects when number of tasks for each month are variable.

This model works best in case of organisations having huge volume. Also, works best in case of Accounting practitioners dealing with multiple clients.

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