Enlaiven Accounting Transforms Food Cost Management for Chain of Restaurants

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Enlaiven Accounting Transforms Food Cost Management for Chain of Restaurants

Enlaiven Accounting recently undertook a challenging assignment to optimise food cost management for a renowned chain of restaurants with multiple locations across Wisconsin. The client was using Foodager, a sophisticated tool for purchase management, food cost control, and inventory tracking. However, despite significant investment, the client struggled with soaring food costs that exceeded industry standards, with inconsistencies prevailing across different restaurant locations.

Challenges Identified: Enlaiven conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing processes within Foodager and identified several critical issues contributing to the inflated food costs:

  1. Delayed Invoice Approvals: Invoices were not being approved in a timely manner, causing discrepancies, and hindering accurate cost tracking.
  2. Inconsistent Purchase Recording: Purchases were recorded inconsistently across various locations, leading to challenges in comparing food costs accurately.
  3. Lack of Food Wastage Tracking: The system lacked a mechanism to log food wastage, impacting the ability to minimise losses and enhance efficiency.
  4. Absence of Recipe Costing Implementation: The client had not integrated recipe costing within Foodager, making it challenging to assess the true cost of each menu item.
  5. Irregular Inventory Management: Timely inventory checks were not being conducted, further complicating the overall food cost management process.


Enlaiven took this multifaceted challenge head-on by developing a customised Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for each identified issue. The team implemented these SOPs simultaneously across all restaurant locations, ensuring consistency and efficiency in the newly established processes.

Implementation Process:

  1. Thorough Training: Enlaiven provided rigorous training sessions for restaurant managers at each location, ensuring they were well-equipped to adhere to the new processes.
  2. Continuous Monitoring: Enlaiven maintained a constant oversight of the implementation phase, regularly checking in on the progress and addressing any issues promptly.


Results and Achievements: Within a few weeks of implementing the new processes and providing training, Enlaiven witnessed a significant transformation in the client’s food cost management:

  1. Aligned Food Costs: Food costs across different locations began to align with industry standards, providing the client with a clear understanding of their financial performance.
  2. Improved Control: The client gained greater control over day-to-day operations, allowing for more informed decision-making and cost-effective measures.
  3. Profit Maximisation: The optimised food cost management strategy contributed to increased profitability for the restaurant chain.


Enlaiven Accounting’s strategic approach to tackling multiple challenges within Foodager resulted in a success story for our client. By implementing tailored SOPs and ensuring a seamless transition, we not only aligned food costs with industry standards but also empowered the client with enhanced control over their operations. This case study showcases Enlaiven’s commitment to delivering effective financial solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

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